Aquamid Filler for Nose Bridge Augmentation

December 28, 2012: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Aquamid is the leading long lasting filler for nose augmentation in the ASEAN region and is widely used in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia for non-surgical rhinoplasty. Aquamid is the ideal filler for shaping the nose bridge- contour, width and height can be added to the nose bridge base and projection can be added along the nose bridge.

Aquamid provides long lasting results, clinical studies show results lasting five years; results are seen immediately and the amount injected is the “final” result. Recovery time is brief with minimal bruising or swelling and no major bandaging.

A benefit of Aquamid is ‘personalized augmentation’- the amount of Aquamid injected is customized to the augmentation you want, larger volumes are injected in parts of the nose that need more augmentation to achieve ideal symmetry.

Aquamid can be used for:
-Development of the Nose Bridge: develop the base of the nose and increase projection along the nose bridge
-Correction of Saddle Nose: inject around “saddle” in the nose to balance nose bridge
-Nasal Bridge Augmentation: increase projection of nose bridge to increase overall profile of the nose
-Asymmetries: inject smaller volumes in multiple locations to correct imbalances and add a natural looking symmetry
-Correction of the Nose Tip: add volume or projection of the nose tip to correct any asymmetry or imbalance

Aquamid Advantages over Other Fillers:
-No repeat injections: Aquamid is long lasting, many other fillers last only 9 - 12 months
-Immediate, predictable results: what is injected is the final result
-Natural look and soft feel: Aquamid is soft & transparent with no micro-particles or microspheres

Advantages over Silicone Implants:
-No Surgery, Minimal Recovery Time, No Significant Bandages
-Variable Fill Volume: “adjust” amount injected for a natural looking augmentation, correction and result
-Soft & Transparent: more natural final result than most silicone implants as the hydrogel is soft; ability to adjust amount injected to desired augmentation.

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