Since Aquamid is a long lasting filler, can it be removed?

March 3, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Yes, the majority of the Aquamid hydrogel can be removed, but it cannot be completely removed.

Immediately after the injection, the Aquamid can be removed by suction through a small incision. As time passes and Aquamid becomes integrated within the tissue, the hydrogel has to be surgically excised under aseptic conditions.

Fortunately, Alpha Health Asia has encountered very few instances in the hundreds and hundreds of Aquamid cases we have been involved with where the patient requests Aquamid be removed. The most import aspect to removing Aquamid: prevent the need for removal.

Aquamid is a long term filler, patients should make sure they want a long term correction or augmentation- if you are not sure, it is better to use a short term filler to evaluate the aesthetic result and then use Aquamid once the short term filler has gone away.

The other important factor in preventing removal is always selecting a qualified doctor for the injection and following all post injection guidelines. Aquamid has been administered to hundreds of thousands of patients with safe, long lasting results and without the need or desire for removal.

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