Are Permanent Fillers Safe? Is Aquamid a Permanent Filler? Is Aquamid Safe?

March 3, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Aquamid is not a permanent filler, clinical trials have shown Aquamid to last for up to 5 years while usage has shown Aquamid lasting for longer than 5 years. Aquamid is long lasting, you will not need to return for frequent re-injections to maintain your desired look, but the results from Aquamid are not permanent.

There are fillers that claim to be permanent, many times these fillers are made from products that cause the body to encapsulate or isolate the filler. Encapsulation can lead to harding of the tissue surrounding the filler, leading to a result the patient is not satisfied with.

Aquamid does not contain any silicone, mircospheres or products that cause the body to encapsulate the Aquamid, Aquamid stays soft and natural feeling over time. Aquamid has been proven safe through clinical trials and hundreds of thousands of injections worldwide.

All long lasting fillers are not the same- Aquamid is a homogenous hydrogel while other permanent fillers consist of micro-particles in a carrier gel. Aquamid is a volume filler, meaning the volume injected is the volume achieved; permanent fillers that are structural fillers contain micro-particles designed to achieve volume through irritating tissue, this can lead to tissue hardening or fibrosis.

Aquamid is safe, some facts and comments about Aquamid safety:

  • Aquamid safety surveillance shows an incidence of complications of less than 1 per 1,000 (i.e. < 0.1%) based on more than 350,000 treatments.
  • Aquamid treatments are safe provided the guidelines below are followed:
    • Careful selection of patients & indications
    • Sterile and aseptic procedures
    • Correct injection technique
    • Adhere to post-treatment instructions
  • No cases of allergy, hypersensitivity, migration, fibrosis, inflammation or granulomas have been observed with Aquamid unless related to infections.
  • The residual amount of acrylamide monomer in Aquamid is negligible (<5ppm) in comparison with the daily environmental exposure via food and drinking water - and does not pose any health risk.
  • Aquamid’s recommended injection technique, in fine lines and in a fan-shaped manner, enables fast tissue integration with the benefits of gel vascularization

Please consult with your doctor and follow the suggest use for the filler you choose; fillers should always be injected by a trained medical profession and only for their intended purpose.

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