Breast Augmentation Recovery – Common Questions

March 7, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Some of the common questions about the recovery from breast augmentation are found below, please consult your doctor for expert advice and follow the recovery instructions your doctor provides.

After the surgery, when can I go home?

Your doctor or a nurse will release you after they have monitored your post operative condition- the period of time will depend upon the anesthesia and how you are feeling. You will need someone to drive you home from the hospital or surgical center, please make sure and arrange this prior to the surgery.

How do I care for my incisions?

Keep the incision/suture area dry and do not let any lotions or creams into the incision.

Should I wear a special bra?

Yes, you should wear a bra specially designed to support and comfort the breasts after augmentation. A bra designed for post augmentation wear will support the breasts without placing pressure on them, will feature soft, seamless cups, be fully adjustable and will not irritate your incisions.

Will I be given any medication?

Yes, your doctor will likely give you antibiotics to prevent any infection. Please make sure and follow the directions and course for the medication your doctor suggests.

Will there be bruising and swelling?

Yes, the breasts will be swollen after the surgery, it will take some time for the swelling to subside. There will likely be some bruising after the surgery- there are remedies that can aid with bruising, such as amica or bromelain. Please consult your doctor about solutions for bruising.

Can I sleep on my stomach?

Immediately after surgery- no. As you recover you can begin to sleep on your side and stomach, this is usually 10-14 days post operatively.

When can I begin bathing?

You need to avoid water on your incisions until they are closed and all sutures removed- this could be 7-10 days. Yes, this means you won’t be able to bath. It is advised that you prepare before your surgery by washing your hair and taking care of all other essential grooming.

What about exercise?

Your surgeon will provide specific instructions about when you can begin exercise and more strenuous activity, but two weeks post operative is a general guideline for resuming light to moderate activities and three to four weeks for more vigorous activity.

Certain physical activities with a great deal of up and down movement- like jogging- should be avoided until you are full healed.

When can I return to work?

There is no standard answer to this question as it depends on the type of procedure, the individual recovery and the type of work performed. Remember, rest is important for your body to heal, best to err on the side of over resting than not have enough rest. Many people with a sedentary job return within 7-10 days, or even sooner, please follow the advice of your doctor before resuming your daily activities.

What if my new breasts feel very firm and sit “high” on my chest?

The immediate result of your augmentation is not your final result, the healing process can take one or two months before the true end result can be seen. Many times the breasts will be very firm and will sit high on the chest- some surgeons will suggest the use of a an adjustable strap on the upper chest to assist with pushing the breasts “down”. The implants can also begin to feel “less” firm as the healing continues.

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