Breast Augmentation Recovery – Common Questions

January 7, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Some of the common questions about the recovery from breast augmentation are found below, please
also consult your doctor for expert advice and follow the recovery instructions your doctor provided.

After the surgery, when can I go home?
Your doctor or a nurse will release you after they have monitored your postoperative condition- the
period of time will depend upon the anesthesia and how you are feeling. You will need someone to drive
you home from the hospital or surgical center, please make sure and arrange this prior to the surgery.

How do I care for my incisions?
Keep the incision/suture area dry and do not let any lotions or creams into the incision.

Should I wear a special bra?
Yes, you should wear a bra specially designed to support and comfort the breasts after augmentation. A
bra designed for post augmentation wear will support the breasts without placing pressure on them, will
feature soft, seamless cups, be fully adjustable and will not irritate your incisions.

Will I be given any medication?
Yes, your doctor will likely give you antibiotics to prevent any infection. Please make sure and follow the
directions and course for the medication your doctor suggests.

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