Breast Augmentation Recovery – Post Surgical Healing, Recovery & Care

March 7, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Each patient will have a different recovery timeframe and experience based on the details of the surgery, please always follow the guidance and advice of your surgeon. We have compiled some general guidelines for the post breast augmentation recovery and care.

General Healing & Recovery
Breast augmentation requires an incision to be made, the incision is usually closed with stitches that will be removed within 7 to 10 days. On top of the stitches a gauze tape will be placed to help with healing. As the incision begins to heal, there can be an itchy feeling at the incision; this is normal and part of the healing process.

Most women will experience some general tiredness and soreness with swelling and bruising in their breasts immediately after the procedure that can last for several days and even for several weeks. Your arms can be very sore during the initial recovery; it will help to keep all supplies within easy reach. Your surgeon might advise using ice on the breasts to reduce swelling.

Please consult your surgeon about massaging your breasts or implants after surgery.

The recovery period will vary for each person, but many women resume much of their normal work and social activities within a week based upon the activities not involving heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. Please consult your doctor about resuming your daily activities and before returning to vigorous exercise and activities.

There are many basic guidelines you can follow during your recovery, including avoiding smoking, drinking ample fluids and ensuring proper rest.

It is very important you rest, consumer ample amounts of fluids and give your body time to recover. There are products that can assist you in caring for your body and making your recovery more comfortable.

Many women have found that wearing a supportive bra specifically designed for recovery from a breast surgery can assist with their comfort and healing. Some basic features the bra should have include: a soft bra cup that is seamless, full adjustability of both the under breast band and shoulder straps and wide under breast band that will help prevent the bra from moving up onto the breasts.

Some surgeons will use a “strap” made of elastic that is placed on the upper chest and will assist with implant positioning- namely keeping the implants from “rising” on the chest.

You will have scars after breast augmentation and can use a scar remedy to aid with reducing the scaring. Please consult our surgeon to review when you can begin using a scar remedy and recommended remedies.

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