Cesarean Section Incision Healing - The Importance of a Post Partum Support Garment

March 3, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

The birth of a child is a joyous event, but your body has undergone a major surgery and needs assistance in healing. With all that is happening in your post partum life- the physical demands of caring for your baby, interrupted sleep patterns and learning new daily routines- it is challenging to let your body rest, recover and heal properly from the cesarean surgery.

A use specific post partum support garment can provide you with the support and stabilization of the abdominal region and incision site to aid with comfort and incision healing. In caring for your baby you will be standing and sitting for long durations during feeding and performing a number of repetitive activities that place significant stress on the Cesarean section incision and abdominal area while the incision is healing, abdominal muscles are recovering from post partum changes and organs are re-positioning.

Your body needs the assistance with stabilization and support provided by a proper support garment.

A well-designed post partum support garment can stabilize the Cesarean section incision and tissue around the incision while being comfortable and providing constant support as you move. The correct amount of support on the Cesarean section incision site will stabilize the two layers of skin affected by the incision- the dermis and epidermis. In stabilizing the dermis and epidermis you allow the incision to heal properly, helping avoid any pulling or stress on both layers of skin and helping improve the general condition of the scarring.

Proper pressure and support on the incision will also prevent the dermis from overproduction of skin cells that the epidermis requires for healing, improving the condition and quality of the incision scar.

A post partum garment will support and stabilize the entire abdominal region, assisting with the healing around the incision and while supporting the abdominal muscles and organs. During pregnancy the abdominal muscles relax and separate to accommodate the growing fetus, these muscles need support as it will take time for them to heal and return to their pre-pregnancy position and strength. During the post partum healing, organs will be shifting, moving and re-aligning, occasionally you will feel discomfort, as an organ is moving. A garment will help provide support and stability as the organs are re-aligning.

Your body underwent a massive transformation, changing during pregnancy to accommodate the growing fetus and then working to regain the position, strength and stability after the baby is born. You have undergone a surgery and are healing while caring for your baby. The abdominal region of your body and the Cesarean section incision need the support and stability provided by a post partum garment to assist you with healing, providing care for your child and allowing your incision to recover with the least amount of scarring.

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