Compression Garments: Targeted Compression, Compression from all Angles and Comfort

November 22, 2013: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

It is vital your compression garment provide the correct amount of compression to surgical areas from all angles. Your body doesn’t need a higher level of compression in all areas, that can be very uncomfortable. Your body needs compression from all angles that is targeted to key surgical areas, this will deliver the compression you need along with increasing comfort.

Design Veronique uses strategically placed ‘inner panels’ of fabric to provide the necessary compression to the area where a liposuction, tummy tuck or body contouring procedure was performed. The inner panels provided targeted compression to the procedure site, delivering the needed compression to that area. Design Veronique uses a total of three layers of fabric in creating the inner panels to delivery the ideal amount of compression.

The inner panels don’t just deliver compression- another benefit of the compression panels is comfort. If the garment had three layers of material throughout the garment, it could be uncomfortable. And your body does not need the higher level of compression in areas where a procedure wasn’t performed. The inner panels improve comfort while ensuring you receive the compression you need.

Another key factor is compression from all angles, your body needs vertical and horizontal compression for proper healing. The Design Veronique fabric provides compression and support from all angles. The Design Veronique fabric is specifically developed for strength and to apply pressure both vertically and horizontally resulting in four-way, even compression. Having compression from all angles aids in body contouring, ensuring the area where the procedure was performed in ‘healing’ from all angles.

The combination of a fabric that provides compression from all angles and targeted inner panels delivers the compression and support to the surgical area while improving the garment comfort.

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