Factors to Consider Prior to Female Sterilization via Tubal Ligation

March 14, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

The decision to have a female surgical sterilization is an important one as the sterilization is meant to be permanent. As with any contraceptive method, you should talk with your doctor or a counselor to review the benefits of each method. When considering surgical sterilization, some of the primary factors to be considered include:

  • Health problems that might make a pregnancy unsafe
  • A desire for a permanent sterilization, thus avoiding needing to use temporary contraception methods
  • You do not desire to have additional children

Once your decision has been made to proceed with tubal ligation, you will want to consider the method for your sterilization. The following should be reviewed with your doctor regarding the method and product:

  • Effective rate for long term sterilization
  • Proven safety and demonstrated history of applications
  • Ectopic pregnancy risks
  • Any options for reversibility

Final considerations include details such as the timing for the procedure- you will need to schedule the procedure to allow proper rest and recovery, generally seven to ten days.

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