The Filshie Clip System - The Ideal Choice for Female Surgical Sterilization

March 14, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

The Filshie Clip System was launched in 1982 and has become accepted as the “Gold Standard” for female surgical contraception by leading doctors and hospitals throughout the world. The Filshie Clip System is FDA approved and is proven- over 8 million Filshie Clips have been applied worldwide.

Most importantly, the Filshie Clip System has a demonstrated, long-term success rate of 99.76% and a low rate of ectopic pregnancies. While female contraception is considered permanent, the Filshie Clip procedure can be reversed via a surgery with a reversal success rate of 90%.

This 99.76% success rate and proven safety and extensive history of applications make the Filshie Clip System the ideal choice for female sterilization.

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