How are Long Lasting Fillers different from Hyaluronic Acid and Short Term Fillers?

March 3, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Dermal fillers- also known as injectable fillers- can be used to rejuvenate and contour the face, including correction of lines and wrinkles, scars or depressions, plumping and augmentation of the lips, cheek contouring and enhancement of the nose, jaw line and chin. There are a number of different types and brands of fillers, treatment using any filler should always be carried out by a qualified medical professional.

There are two primary types of fillers- long lasting fillers and short term fillers. Please note- we do not use the term permanent filler as Aquamid is not a permanent filler, Aquamid has been show to last in excess of 5 years, but we do not label Aquamid permanent as the aesthetic results will change over the years.

Long lasting fillers are those that are non-absorbable, that remain as part of the body for many years. Short term fillers are those that are absorbed by the body; there are many different types of short term fillers that last varying lengths of time with some even being called semi-permanent, the most common types of short term fillers are hyaluronic acid and fillers that contain micro particles that hope to stimulate collagen production after they are injected .

Simply put, long lasting fillers are designed to last or not be absorbed for many years while short terms fillers are designed to last for a shorter period of time, some lasting from three to nine months and others lasting up to two years. There are ideal uses for both types of fillers, there are different indications for long-lasting fillers and short term fillers and the injection technique is different for the fillers. Many doctors will use long lasting and short term fillers on the same patient, allowing the doctor to provide a long lasting solution to deep folders and indications like nose augmentation while using short term fillers to smooth wrinkles in the dermas.

There are ideal uses for both long lasting fillers and temporary fillers, they can be used together to create the desired solution. Long lasting fillers are ideal for patients seeking a cost effective, long term solution to their beauty concern and patients that are tired of the repeat injections needed with temporary fillers; temporary fillers are ideal for the dynamic lines and wrinkles- those lines and wrinkles that 'move'. .

Many factors should be considered when deciding between Permanent and Non-Permanent fillers and the brand you will use. Always consult with a qualified “injector” that can explain the benefits of the different fillers that will deliver the short and long term benefits you desire.

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