How is Oxygenetix Different from Make Up?

October 14, 2013: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Oxygenetix is a great concealer and camouflager, it will cover and hide everything from post-laser treatment red skin to minor blemishes to rosacea. The main benefit of Oxygenetix is not the ability to conceal, it’s Oxygenetix’s ability to protect and heal the skin while concealing. The ability to protect and heal is what differentiates Oxygenetix from make-up, Oxygenetix provides the concealing benefits some make-ups offer, but adds healing and protecting and the ability to be applied to sensitive skin.

Oxygenetix was not created to be ‘make up’, it was created to be breathable protection for the skin, to aid in oxygen transfer and to also be a superior concealer.

Oxygenetix protects the skin by forming a breathable ‘second skin’ that acts as a barrier layer from harmful bacteria. Unlike some make-ups, Oxygenetix is fully breathable and does not suffocate the skin. Oxygenetix contains SPF 25, is water resistant and doesn’t rub off, providing your skin with needed, long-lasting protection.

The big difference between Oxygenetix and make-up is that Oxygenetix has Ceravitae. Ceravitae is the super charged oxygen complex in Oxygenetix, it proliferates collagen cell and connective tissue growth in skin. Oxygenetix is not only breathable, but also facilities the flow of oxygen with the Ceravitae.

Unlike make-up, Oxygenetix can be applied to sensitive skin, damaged skin or skin that is ‘healing’; Oxygenetix can be applied immediately following a laser treatment, dermabrasion or acne/rosacea treatment and can be worn throughout the healing and recovery process, and beyond. Oxygenetix is safe, if does not irritate the skin, it is non-comedogenic, oil-free, fragrance-free, made from organically certified ingredients and hypoallergenic.

Oxygenetix provide the concealing benefits of a make-up, but with many other, even more important, benefits.

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