Liposuction Pressure Garments – Why an open crotch is Necessary

March 7, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Yes, it sounds a bit strange- a liposuction compression garment with an open crotch. Is an open crotch really necessary? Why? Is it comfortable?

An open crotch is necessary. If you have a liposuction or any body contouring procedure in the abdominal area or middle of your torso, your body is going to be very sore and mobility will be limited for the first 5-7 days of your recovery. You will be consuming a significant amount of water, having to take a pressure garment on and off each time you use the facilities could be both painful and inconvenient and potentially irritate the incision site and tissue.

A properly designed open crotch will have an anatomically correct design that will fit comfortably and allow you to use the facilities. When evaluating compression garments, ensure the crotch opening is the proper size and is reinforced as you to not want the material around the crotch opening to “roll” or move.

One common question- can you wear underwear while wearing the compression garment? Yes, your underwear can be worn over the compression garment. This will allow you to avoid that “drafty” feeling of the open crotch but not have to remove your compression garment when using the facilities.

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