The Post Partum Cesarean Section Support Garment- Necessary Features for Proper Healing

March 3, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

What Makes a Proper Cesarean section Support Garment?

Stabilization of the Cesarean section incision site and surrounding tissues is critical for aiding and facilitating healing of the incision, for the quality of the scar and for comfort during healing. A properly designed post partum support garment will provide the features required for the stabilization and support you need.

The following garment features are essential for aiding healing:

The correct amount of support at the incision site and to the entire abdominal area- you need support for stability and to assist with healing, but too much support (compression) can inhibit healing as it might reduce the blood flow to the incision and the area around the incision. The ideal level of support will stabilize the incision and entire abdominal area without constricting blood flow or feeling “tight”. This can be achieved by using the correct garment design that features anatomically correct layers of fabric in the abdominal and incision site areas, a fabric that is not too strong and garment designs that ensure targeted support to the incision area.

Ease of application- you will be very sore with limited range of motion during the initial post partum healing, the incision site will be tender; you do not want to have to “step in” and pull on a garment over the incision immediately post partum. The ideal garment will have a side zipper that allows the garment to be taken on and off easily, quickly and without a struggle or irritating the incision site.

Made from a fabric that provides the correct support, strong and lightweight- the fabric must be supportive and not compressive, it must be strong enough to retain supportive properties and shape and should be lightweight. It is essential the fabric provide support from all directions, both vertically and horizontally, as the incision and tissue must be supported from all directions.

Antimicrobial and moisture management properties- the garment will be worn for extended periods of time, the garment will be in direct contact with the incision site, the fabric must have a moisture management component (wicking) to keep you dry and comfortable and must have antimicrobial properties to prevent the garment from facilitating the growth of microbes or bacteria at the incision site.

Comfort- this appears obvious but it is key, if the garment is not comfortable you cannot wear it for extended periods of time. A few basic keys to garment comfort include- a material that feels soft, seams that do not rub or irritate, zippers that do not rub or irritate and no abrasive chemicals used in the fabrics.

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