Post Partum Healing While Caring for Your New Baby

March 3, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Pregnancy and the birth of the child is a joyous time and a time filled with major changes- to your body and your daily routines. Regardless of the delivery type, your body has undergone a massive transformation and must have time and support to heal properly. But how can the healing be accomplished while you are acting as the primary care giver for your new baby? When you come home from the hospital, your child will need your attention and care, you are not able to rest and recovery uninterrupted.

Caring for a newborn involves repetitive motions such as holding, bending, standing and sitting for extended periods during feedings. These functions require the areas of your body- the abdomen, hips and pelvic girdle- that underwent the most significant transformation and require the most healing to be used extensively. Adding to the challenge is lack of prolonged periods of bed rest and irregular sleep patterns.

The abdominal area is the region of the body that has undergone the most significant transformation during pregnancy and post partum. The abdominal muscles were stretched and relaxed during pregnancy, key organs in the mid section of the body were repositioned while pregnant. Your abdominal region- muscle, ligaments and organs –will be weak and feel loose immediately post partum and during the initial recovery.

In the case of a Cesarean section, the incision site can be sore and painful and your movement and ability to pick up objects will be limited.

What can assist you with healing while caring for your newborn baby? Knowledge, support and stabilization for your body, knowing your limits and help from others.

The more you know about what is happening to your body, the better able you will care for it. The healing period varies, but your body will need weeks to recover properly; you should always follow the recommendations of your doctor and physical therapist. You should never ignore pain and discomfort, seek to find out what might be causing the pain or discomfort by consulting with qualified professionals and learning about other mothers healing experiences. Your body is going through a massive change; knowledge will help you understand what is a normal part of the healing and what requires additional care.

Support and stabilization of the abdomen, Cesarean section incision and even the hips and lower back can improve your healing and comfort while you care for your new baby. Your abdominal area spent 9 months changing to accommodate the growing fetus, it will take time to heal, regain strength and stability. Abdominal support, in the form of a post partum support garment, can assist with stabilization and support of the entire abdominal region while you are healing and caring for your child. The support garment will assist with tissue stabilization, add strength to your torso by supporting the muscles and ligaments and help you combat the loose feeling of the abdominal area. It will also increase your comfort in performing the repetitive tasks of caring for your baby.

Remember, you are recovering from a dramatic physical event that will take time to heal. Know your limits, avoid pushing your body while it is healing and use the products that can assist with your healing and comfort. Rely on friends and family to help you with routine tasks and rest your body while your baby is sleeping.

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