Questions and Answers about Cesarean Support Garments with a Garment Fit Expert

February 8, 2013: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

There are many benefits to wearing a Cesarean Support Garment after your child is born- from supporting and stabilizing the Cesarean incision site to reducing the feeling of a ‘loose’ abdominal area. We found many new mothers (or soon to be new mothers) ask the same questions about the ideal garment style for them, garment wear and sizing and even the body contouring benefits of the garment.

We ask one of our Fit Experts in our Malaysia office- Saja- to answer the questions, the answers are found below. For more about Saja and her years experience, her bio can be found at the end of the questions.

Common Questions- Cesarean Support Garments:

1) Which garment style is the best for wear after a Cesarean delivery section? Why?

The most ideal code style garment for the mother to use is the 81CS – Cesarean Support Garment. This is the only code style that comes with a side zipper that will help mother to wear it with ease and without having to worry about the raw incision area being 'pulled' or 'tugged' during the application.

2) When can I start using the garment after my Cesarean delivery?

Cesarean mother can start using the support garment as soon as on the 4th day after the delivery. This is the most ideal time as mother will actually be 'fit' enough and the swelling of the incision area has subsided a little bit. However, through my experience handling the Cesarean mothers, most 'season' mothers will start wanting to use it as early as on the 3rd day after delivery.

3) How long do most women wear the garment each day? And how long do they continue wearing the garment?

Actually, there is no specific length of time for the mother to be wearing the garment each day. The mother can choose to wear it from a minimum of 5 hours up until 20 hours in a day as the fabric is made of 'breathable', anti-microbial and free from any latex or formaldehyde (colouring) substance that will harm the skin. In short the garment is very safe and comfortable for the wearer and acts as a 'soft brace' to support the mother's posture in her daily chores especially tending to the baby during breastfeeding sessions.

However, I do advise mothers to 'listen' to their own body signals. If she feels like she is a little short of breath after using the garment in the beginning, I will always ask the mother to loosen or take off the straps, unhook and an eye two and unzip the upper part of the garment (as long as her below incision area is supported by the garment). Just give your body a breather and adjusting to the 'confined' state. As the 'pregnancy hormones' will still linger in a mother's body for a minimum of 3 – 5 months after delivery, this should the crucial period for mother 's body to continue having the best support she needed.

4) Can I wear the garment to sleep?


In my years of experience fitting and consulting Cesarean mothers, the complaint I have the most is that mothers have problem to turn on their sides without feeling the pain or having to wake up from lying position to tend to crying babies in the middle of the nights. Almost all of the mothers find that sleeping with the support garment on gives them more comfort and confident to 'toss and turn' and it helps them to get up from sleeping position to sitting up and standing easily.

However, again I would advise the mother to ensure to take off the straps and unhook an eye or two and unzip the upper part of the garment . Make sure you give your body the 'breather' from confined state.

5) Will this garment help me return to my per pregnancy size & shape?

This is by far the most popular question I will always get from every mothers. (Understandably as the hormones are playing havoc to the mother's mind & body. Every women would do anything to get back to their pre pregnancy state as soon as the baby is out, if possible :)

No doubt that naturally mother's internal organs and body will gradually and eventually reposition to it's pre pregnancy state over the time but this process just doesn't happen overnight. (Remember the pregnancy hormones still linger in your body after delivery for minimum of 3- 5 months)

Cesarean mothers have different challenges compared to normal delivery mothers. The only immediate support they could get before the existence of Alpha-Health Post Cesarean Support Garment is just the one way strap binder which we are also supplying. (So do believe us when we say that we know the pro and cons of using the strap binder).

Unlike normal delivery mothers, the Cesarean mothers cannot go through the 'traditional binding & massage confinement' process almost immediately. They have to wait for the incision area to heal and it generally takes at least 2 weeks time for the incision to heal. As such most common remarks heard by Cesarean mothers will be that “I still look like I'm 3-month-pregnant even after my delivery” (Just imagine the 2 weeks of head start normal delivery mothers get to have their body supported during the internal organ repositioning & skin retracting process!!)

So the Post Cesarean Support Garment is actually a 'bandage' in the form of 'girdle' that will assist mother for quick recovery, pain management and skin retracting process as it acts as 'soft brace' which give 360 degree support to mothers body after surgical as early as the 4th day after delivery. We can fully assure you that Alpha-Health Post Postpartum support garment is the one and only FDA certified Grade 1 Medical Device available in the market.

There is huge different between Cesarean mothers using our Post Cesarean Support as early as on the 4th day after delivery compared to those not wearing it. We have ample of testimonials from the mothers to support it. Even the doctors acknowledged the benefits their patients are getting using the support garment. However, do be realistic that support garment alone will only helps to certain extend as mothers need to have balanced diets and healthy lifestyle as well.

6) Should I buy the garment before I have the baby, or wait until after?

If you are certain to be undergoing Cesarean delivery, you may do the advance preparation by purchasing the support garment 2-3 weeks before your due date. But if you're not certain how the delivery will turn out then the Cesarean Support Garment is still the best investment to have. It is suitable to be used by normal delivery mothers and the best part is that you are well prepared should you had to face any last minute unavoidable surgical birth.

Alpha-Health offers attractive pre-purchase discount for mothers-to-be to complete their MUST HAVE check list items before delivery. Mothers can check with the hospital/medical centre which they'll be delivering whether they carry our products, else on line purchase is easily available through our website once you have delivered.

Home fitting service is ONLY available in selected area of Klang Valley with a minimum charge.

7) How do I determine the best size for me?

In order to determine the best size for you we will need below details;

a) Under bust measurement (cm/inch):
b) Waist/Tummy measurement (cm/inch)
c) Hip measurement (cm/inch)
d) Current Weight (kg)
e) Before Pregnancy Weight (kg)


8) How to care for the garment?

The garment is to be hand wash only. You can use your normal detergent you are using for laundry (don't need to purchase any special detergent). As the garment is lightweight it is easily dry off (avoid direct sunlight and turn the garment inside out while line dry to expose the cotton zippered guard side)

About Saja:
Saja has been involved with post-operative and post-partum patient care for over 6 years, first working with foreign patients visiting Malaysia for a variety of procedures. Saja worked with the foreign patients before, during and through the majority of their recovery with a focus on compression garments and post operative healing products.

Saja has worked with Alpha Health Asia Malaysia for close to 4 years and is a specialist in Maternity Support Garments, maternity healing products and continues to work with post operative compression garments. Saja has been of the leaders in the Alpha Health Malaysia Fit Service, this Fit Service offers in home (or on site) garment fitting following the birth of a child or a medical procedure requiring a compression garment; Saja has provided the fitting service to hundreds of satisfied patients.

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