Recovery and Healing after Child Birth & Support Products

March 3, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

The birth of a child is a joyous event. It is also one of the most dramatic physical transformations to the human body. The recovery is a gradual healing and transformation, your body spent 9 months growing, changing and caring for your baby and will take time to heal and recover from the birth process and time spent carrying the baby.

The recovery process is not simply about healing, the mother is undergoing the physical recovery as she fulfilling the needs and providing care to the newborn baby; the person healing is a caregiver.

The post partum physiology will heal gradually, hopefully any pain and major discomfort will subside within14 days, but strengthening the abdomen and hips or caring for a Cesarean section as it heals take a significant amount of time. Your abdominal muscles spent months changing their position, stretching and relaxing as the baby grew; these muscles and ligaments can take months to completely regain their strength and stability.

The healing and recovery process begins immediately after the birth of the child and starts with knowledge. The more information you have about the healing process the better: what is happening to your body during healing, what is going to happen, when it going to happen and what can be done to assist you with healing?

A major part of the healing process is supporting the parts of the body that underwent the most significant transformations and are put under stress with the repetitive tasks of caring for a newborn baby- namely the abdominal area and mid-section of the body. Abdominal muscles need to recover, but you are bending and lifting your baby, sitting for long time periods and carrying the baby. If a Cesarean section was performed, the incision will need special care and support to allow you to perform your daily routine.

Every body can use support of the abdominal areas during the recovery process; the support of a high quality post partum garment can help with healing, stabilization and comfort.

The short and long term aesthetic appearance of the post partum body is a part of the recovery process that causes the most anxiety. How can you aid your future appearance during the healing and recovery? What about the tissue and skin of the breasts and abdomen? What can aid a Cesarean section incision to heal and minimize scaring?

Caring for the shape of your body is an important aspect of recovery. The abdominal area and tissue have changed a great deal and need support as they heal and reposition immediately post partum. Tissue support and shaping is an extended process, but one that can lead to better condition of the tissue once the healing process is complete.

Alpha Health Asia has found- from years experience with tissue shaping aesthetic procedures such as liposuction- that wearing a specially designed support garment can assist with supporting the tissue and even shaping the tissue. The constant support provided by the garment is helpful in supporting the tissue and assisting the tissue as it recovers and is “shaped” in the post partum body.

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