A Solution for Binding and Wrapping the Abdomen following Cesarean Section Delivery

August 2, 2013: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

An article detailing the reason and benefits of using a post partum support garment appeared in the newspaper.

The article highlights the experiences of Ameena, a mother of two. Her first child was born via natural birth, her second child was delivered via cesarean section; her recovery experience was much different following the delivery via c-section.
Following a cesarean section, it is common for a doctor to not allow the mother to use anything that will bind the abdominal area; many doctors disallow the traditional massage and binding that we are so familiar with. The article details the reasons a garment that you purchase in a local store might not be good for wear after a cesarean section, which include: the fabric may irritate the incision site, the fabric might not be properly breathable, the garment could be too tight in the area of the incision and the garment might not provide the proper support.
The article highlights that the Design Veronique maternity cesarean section garment is designed specifically to help a mother heal, to support the incision area and support a mothers ‘form’ following her c-section delivery; there is now a "medical bengkung" that doctors are saying “okay” to.
The article details other benefits of the garment: the medical grade fabric, the inner panels to provide support to the proper areas of the body and how the cesarean section garment assists the new mother with posture and organ re-positioning.

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