Things to Consider Prior to Breast Augmentation

March 7, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Breast augmentation is performed to surgically enlarge a woman’s breasts, many times for a woman to gain symmetry in her appearance or after a pregnancy that has changed the shape of her body. While breast augmentation is considered a common surgery, it is a surgery and requires proper thought, consideration and evaluation before having the procedure.

Some of the most implant things to consider prior to surgery: selecting your surgeon, the implant size and shape and the implant location and your recovery from the surgery.

Selecting Your Surgeon
Your surgeon will do more than perform the breast augmentation procedure, they will assist you with evaluating the different options for the size and shape of the implants, the location for the incision and the placement for the implant. The plastic surgeon is performing your augmentation, but plays an active role in the entire process. The surgeon will first meet with you and review what to expect from the procedure, the recovery and discuss why want to have the procedure, your expectations and future considerations, including the desire to have children and breast feed.

Things to consider when selecting your surgeon

  • Proper Certifications & Credentials- always select a doctor that has updated certifications and full credentials to perform surgery
  • Special Training- your surgeon should have specialized training in breast surgery, you should review how many times the surgeon has performed breast augmentations
  • Before and After Case Studies- conduct a review of other breast augmentation performed by the surgeon (note, the patients name and information are kept confidential), this will allow you to see prior results from surgeries and hopefully review a procedure similar to the one you will have.

There are other things to consider and discuss with your surgeon, namely the incision location, the size and shape of the implant and the placement of the implant. A brief overview of options:

Incision Location & Implant Placement
Incision location and implant placement: One of the things to discuss with your surgeon is the incision location and placement of the implant. There are three primary surgical techniques for breast augmentation- Inframammary (incision in the lower fold of the breast), Periareolar (incision around the nipple) and Transaxillary (incision in the underarm area)- with the implants being placed either subglandularor (between the muscle and breast tissue ) or submuscular (underneath the muscle).

The decision regarding in the incision location is largely based upon the desired result of having minimal scarring and achieving a natural and beautiful result. The placement of the implant should be discussed at length as there are health considerations concerning both locations.

Implant Size and Shape
There are numerous options to consider when deciding upon the size and shape of the implant you select. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution, implants are available in many sizes and shapes such as round, teardrop, conical, oval and anatomical.

The size and shape you select depends on your individual taste, the look you desire and your body frame and type. There is no hard and fast rule for size or shape, the size and shape should make you happy.

Communicate openly with your surgeon in regards to the size and shape you desire. Your surgeon will have opinions based on your preferences and past breast augmentation surgeries performed. Some patients will bring pictures of breasts they desire, while your result might not be the same as the picture you show, a picture can help your surgeon understand your ideal outcome.

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