Waviness and Ripping of Breast Implants and Polyurethane Foam Breast Implants

July 19, 2013: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Post surgical breast implant rippling or wrinkling results in a very unnatural appearance of the breast implant. If the wrinkling or rippling of the breast implant is significant, the wrinkle lines can be clearly visible. Severe cases of breast implant wrinkling have lead to patients wanting to remove the implants.

Polyurethane foam covered silicone gel breast implant have been found to have a similar amount of waviness and rippling when compared to smooth surfaced implants and significantly less waviness and rippling when compared with textured implants.

In his study of over 3,500 implants, Dr. Handle found (footnote 1) the rate of abnormal waviness and rippling following breast augmentation to be 14.15% when a textured surface breast implant is used, 6.92% when smooth surface breast implant is used and 6.69% when a Polyurethane Foam surface breast implant is used.

The reduced rate of breast implant wrinkling by doctors using Polyurethane foam breast implants is due to the bond formed between the Polyurethane foam breast implant and the capsule. The strong bond formed by the Polyurethane breast implant reduces the risk that a portion of the implant will not have a strong bond with the capsule, if there is not a strong bond then wrinkling could occur.

Footnote 1: Handel N. Long-Term Safety and Efficacy of Polyurethane Foam-Covered Breast Implants. Aesthetic Surgery Journal May/June 2006

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