What is the Difference in a Proper Post Partum Cesarean Section Garment and Shapewear?

March 3, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Alpha Health Asia only represents and sells post partum support garments specifically designed and manufactured for post partum wear, these garments are very different from the shapewear found in retail stores. Our Cesarean section support garment is uniquely designed to meet the needs of someone that had a Cesarean section by a design that delivers targeted support at and around the incision while being comfortable.

While there is an abundance of high quality shapewear available, high quality shapewear is not specifically designed to provide the ideal level of post partum support to the key areas of the body that need the support and will not assist you in recovery the way .

Some of the key features found in our post partum support garments that is different from shapewear:

• Design- Specifically designed to provide support and stability directly to the Cesarean section incision and to stabilize the entire abdominal area. The support garments feature unique fabric inner panels for support of the abdomen and Cesarean section incision area. The design of the garments ensures there is the proper amount of support without being compressive. This design is very different from shapewear, this design is specific to the post partum areas of need.

• Easy to take on and off- We have a garment with a side zipper, making the garment easy to take on and off. The abdomen and incision site are very sore immediately post partum and the incision can remain “raised” and sensitive for weeks. Pulling a garment on and taking it off can be very uncomfortable. Our garment has a side zipper to make the garment easy to take on and off. The zipper is lined with cotton to prevent any irritation or rubbing; the zipper length is adequate for the wearer to unzip the garment to a point where it could be taken on or off without rubbing the Cesarean section incision site. You will not find shapewear with this kind of zipper.

• Leg length- The length of fabric on the legs comes to the middle of the thighs, this is the ideal leg length as it will include support for the hips.

• Material- The material used for the garments is a vital component. The material must be strong, but not compressive or heavy; consistent support from all angles and durability during long periods of wear are vital; it must have antimicrobial and wicking properties to keep the incision free from microbes and keep the garment cool and dry. Our material has all of these features, many of which are not found in shapewear.

• Comfort- We also needed comfort, a material that felt soft against the skin if worn for long time periods and that was free from any harmful materials that would cause a rash or adverse reaction. The garments feature strong, flat seams; the seams avoid the incision area and are minimized in the abdominal area to prevent irritating the incision. Waistbands were designed to avoid sensitive areas in the abdomen, shoulder straps are easy to adjust and can detach. Much of the shapewear available is not designed with

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