What Makes a Proper Post Augmentation Bra?

March 7, 2011: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Immediately after a breast augmentation, your will need to wear a bra that has unique features to assist your recovery while providing the support and comfort you need. A few basic features your post augmentation bra must have:

  • No underwire
  • Cups lined with soft, seamless cotton
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps
  • Fully adjustable under bust band that separates in the front and back of the bra
  • A full cup design that will not pinch or pull the implants

The bra should be supportive, but not push the breasts or compression them- unless your doctor recommended that kind of support.

Your chest muscles and arms could be very sore for the first few days following the breast augmentation, having a bra with full adjustability of the shoulder straps and under bust band will make adjusting the bra much easier and less painful.

The breasts will be sensitive, make sure the bra you wear doesn’t have any raised seams in the cup and the cup is made from soft cotton. You will want to wear a bra with a cup design that provides full coverage of the breast, you do not want the bra to only cover part of the breast as this could apply pressure to the implant, which is not recommended or comfortable.

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