Cesarean Support

Style: MG81-CS

Color: Beige


Made from lightweight PowerNet fabric, this garment incorporates a targeted PowerNet Panel System for gentle, accurate support to the Cesarean incision and the postpartum abdominal area. A single layer of PowerNet provides a solid structural layer to the back of the garment. The front panel is a double layer of PowerNet that is seamless at the incision site. A third panel of PowerNet is layered over the lower abdominal area to ensure stabilized position and accurate support to the incision site to assist in recovery and provide the wearer with a sense of support and comfort.

Product Features:

- Targeted PowerNet Panel Support System
- Seamless Internal Front Panel
- 1" Wide High-Waist Stabilizing Band
- Adjustable and Detachable Shoulder Straps
- Discreetly Located Side Zipper for Easy Application
- Hook & Eye under Zipper Closure
- Cotton Lined Crotch
- Lightweight, Breathable, Antimicrobial
- Latex and Formaldehyde Free


Lightweight PowerNet fabric. All fabric is latex and formaldehyde free.