Scar Clinic Thin

Style: SCT


Self- Adhesive Semi Occlusive Silicone Gel Dressing for Keloids & Hypertrophic Scars. Scar Clinic™- Thin is 0.45mm thick, has UV protection, is Waterproof, easy to apply and reusable with outstanding hydration effect and provides best results for closed wound.

• Ideal for post laser treatments as mole removal.
• Does not require extra fixation as pressure garments.
• Effectively adhesive for smaller scars.
• Stronger adhesion and more flexibility compared to Scar Clinic-Clear fit better for joints.
• Thin and flexible polyurethane makes it feel natural to skin and its color matches natural skin tone.
• Specially engineered to minimize curling.
• Patented protection against coloring and cancer causing ultraviolet light rays.

Benefits of Scar Clinic™
- Restores the elasticity of skin
- Easy application on any region
- No pain or discomfort related
- Reduces itching sensation
- Freely wear clothes
- Contains 100% Polysiloxane
-The integrity of silicone gel is maintained for a long time

How To Use:
1. Wash hands first. Clean and dry the scar and the surrounding.
2. Open a box of appropriate size Scar Clinic" and cut to fit your needs allowing 1cm-2cm extra around the scar.
3. Carefully peel the release film and apply to the scar.
Keep the remaining Scar Clinic" in the package and store in a dry place.

Washing Instructions
Scar Clinic" Clear type can be washed and reused for preferably two weeks.

Wash the used gel sheet with mild soap and air dry at room temperature before re-use. To prevent rash and itching, it is recommended to wash the scar and Scar Clinic" Clear once a day.

First time users: Adaptation period.
1. Skin at first requires period to adapt to silicone product. It is recommended to apply from 2 to 4 hours first day and increase at 2-4 hour increment every day.
2. Apply Scar Clinic T" at least 12 hours daily to obtain the best result.

Scar Clinic™ May Last Many Days
- Scar Clinic-Clear 1 piece may last 2 weeks.
- Scar Clinic-Thin / Scar ClinicTm-Areolar: 1 piece of product may last 1 week.

1. Do not use on skin with infection, wound unclosed or from ectoparasitic skin infection, and with stitching fibers still attached.
2. A person with sensitive or weak skin must reduce application time if shows sign of irritation. If the symptoms persist, stop using and consult doctor for alternative methods.
3. Do not use together with ointment, cosmetics, and other skincare products.
4. Take extra care when applying on infants under 3 years old as there is a chance of suffocation when swallowed.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Product Features:

Scar Clinic Thin is available in the following sizes (Width x Length):

- 3 x 7cm: Small scar, simple stab (puncture) from needle
- 3 x 11cm: Middle scar (Thyroid surgery), surgery
- 7 x 7cm: After dermatology surgery (Laser resurfacing)
- 3cm round: BCG injection, Laparoscope, After removing spot

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