Breast Augmentation Bras

Please make sure to follow the instructions your doctor has provided for healing after your breast augmentation. As you are healing following the breast augmentation surgery, you need to ensure the bra you wear is designed properly, is comfortable and won’t interfere with the healing process.

Immediately after a breast augmentation, your will need to wear a bra that has unique features to assist your recovery while providing the support and comfort you need. A few basic features your post augmentation bra must have:

  • No underwire
  • Cups lined with soft, seamless cotton
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps
  • Fully adjustable under bust band that separates in the front and back of the bra
  • A full cup design that will not pinch or pull the implants

We provide the range of Design Veronique post breast augmentation bras, each post augmentation bra has been specifically designed to foster healing while providing comfort.

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