Breast & Body Contouring Implants

Breast and body contouring implants are used to enhance the breasts, calves and glutes (buttocks) with a silicone implant. The implants augment the body by adding projection, increase size, improve symmetry or restore the overall shape of an area of the body.

We have worked with Silimed to deliver the ideal assortment of Breast and Body Contouring implants for our markets and your needs. Silimed is one of the worlds leading manufactures of silicone medical devices, has FDA approval on breast implants and has been in business for over 30 years. The manufacturing process at Silimed is in strict compliance with national and international standards of quality; all implants are provided in a sterile condition.

The breast and body contouring implants are made with a high-performance Biodesign silicone gel or elastomer to the necessary consistency and resistance for the region of the body where the implant will be used. We have a full assortment of shapes, profiles, projections and sizes to meet your individual needs.

With Alpha Health Asia’s detailed knowledge of the local market and Silimed’s quality and range of products, we are confident you will find the implant to help you achieve your desired look. Please click on one of the product categories for more information: