Facial Rejuvenation & Facial Volume

Long lasting and short term fillers both have a role in rejuvenating and contouring the face. To achieve the look you desire, your doctor might discuss using both types of fillers with you, but for different indications and solutions for your face.

As we age we lose ‘volume’ in our face, there are many steps, treatments and options for rejuvenating the face, fillers are commonly used to add volume back to the face, add facial contour and facial symmetry.

Generally the shorter term, dermal fillers like Hyaluronic Acid are ideal for dynamic wrinkles- those wrinkles that are visible when smiling or frowning or contracting facial muscles. Dermal fillers are also used to for adding volume to the face and facial contouring. A short term filler is ideal for use on moderate wrinkles and lines in the face and dynamic wrinkles, these fillers last from 6 months to one year.

A long lasting filler is used where lasting volume is needed to correct a deeper line or fold or to contour the nose, chin or mid-face. Long lasting fillers are used on deeper lines and folds in the face, to add or restore volume to the face and assist with facial contouring when the doctor and patient want a lasting correction.

An example where a long lasting and short term (dermal) filler are used together: a dermal filler for the dynamic wrinkles between the eyebrows and long lasting filler for use to add volume to the cheeks or in the deep naso-labial folds (smile lines).

There are ideal treatment indications for both long lasting and dermal fillers, you should always consult with a trained medical professional to determine the solution that best meets your needs and only use fillers for their recommended indications.