Female Sterilization & OBGYN

Alpha Health Asia has market-leading products to assist with your recovery after the birth of a child and for female sterilization via tubal ligation. The sterilization product is the Filshie Clip system and is considered the Gold Standard for surgical contraception. Our post partum support garments assist your body with the recovery from the birth of a child and are ideal for wear after a Cesarean section delivery.

Fortunately there are many options for female contraception and sterilization. These options include Surgical Contraception, Hormonal Methods, IUD’s, Barrier Methods and Natural Methods. We are proud to represent one of the leading forms of sterilization in the Filshie Clip System and suggest detailed research of the different methods and consultations with your doctor about which method is the ideal method for you.

The Filishie Clip System is recognized around the world as the leading choice for female sterilization and has been used over 10 million times. The Filshie Clip System has a long-term success rate of 99.76%, FDA approval and a 25-year history. It is a very cost effective method for surgical contraception and is recommended by leading doctors and hospitals.

The Filshie Clip system involves placing a small titanium clip with soft Silastic® lining on each Fallopian tube; the clip is applied via a special Filshie Applicator. Once it has been applied, the clip is “closed” and the clip lining maintains pressure on the Fallopian tube; the pressure from the closed clip results in a complete blockage of the Fallopian at the clip site. Blocking the Fallopian tubes is the method for preventing fertilization.

The birth of a child is a joyous event, but your body has undergone significant stress and change during a vaginal or Cesarean section delivery; your body needs support while healing. With all that is happening in your post partum life- the physical demands of caring for your baby, interrupted sleep patterns and learning new daily routines- it is challenging to let your body rest, recover and heal.

A use specific post partum support garment can provide you with the support and stabilization of the abdominal region and incision site to aid with comfort and incision healing. In caring for your baby you will be standing and sitting for long durations during feeding and performing a number of repetitive activities that place significant stress on the Cesarean section incision and abdominal area while the incision is healing, abdominal muscles are recovering from post partum changes and organs are re-positioning.

Fortunately we have the proper support garment to assist you.