Restoring Facial Volume

Our face changes a great deal with age- one effect of aging is that ‘volume’ in lost in our face, the result is more deep lines and wrinkles with a number of people feeling their face does not look full and as round as it did during their youth. There are a number of procedures to help restore facial volume, improve the condition of the skin and reduce the deep lines and wrinkles and any sag in the face, the procedures include a surgical face lift, skin resurfacing and the use of injectible fillers.

The volume that is lost during the aging process occurs in many areas of the face, but primarily in the cheeks, mid face and around the lips. In many cases, the cheeks sag as they lose volume, they descend from a location just beneath the eyes to a lower position in the middle of the face. As the cheeks descent, new wrinkles and lines are formed in the middle to lower portion of the face- namely in the naso-labial fold area (note- the naso labial area and naso labial folds are located from the corners of the nose to the corner of the mouth) and the jowls. As the face loses volume, the look of the face goes from a rounded shape to more of an oblong shape.

Aquamid is ideal for resorting lost volume, eliminating the deep folds and lines and restoring the cheek area to a more rounded look.