Scar Management and Scar Reduction

Silicone Sheets are the most effective method for reducing surgical scars, especially abdominal scars resulting from a cesarean delivery or abdominal surgery. Silicone works to reduce scarring by decreasing production of collagen that can cause thick, raised scars that can lead to keloid scars and by changing the alignment of new collagen fibers to prevent the “hardening” of a scar.

Silicone has commonly been used to diminish the appearance of hypertropic and Keloid scars, but not all forms of silicone achieve the same results. Silicone gels and ointments are effective, but silicone sheets are the most effective product for diminishing scars.

Silicone Gel Sheets for Scar Healing are ideal for use on the following :
- Caesarean Section incision
- Breast Augmentation- areolar incisions
- Open Heart Surgery incision
- Burn scars
- Thyroid Surgery incision
- Laparascope incision(s)
- Facial incisions and treatments
- Post laser treatment following mole removal

The Formation of Scars
When the skin tissue is damaged, collagen, a structural protein, makes up connective tissues to repair the wound. If left untreated, uncontrolled released collagen will over simulate the generation of new skin tissue thereby elevating the scarred tissue compared to the surrounding.

The degree of scar may vary depending on the tension of the wound region, a race (darker skins are more prone to scars than lighter skin), and a physical constitution. The health conditions as anemia, diabetes, cirrhosis, renal diseases, infections, tissue necrosis, and hematoma may accelerate and stimulate the development of scars.

Why Use a Silicone Gel Sheet?
1. Keloids and Hypertrohic scars can be prevented by applying Silicone Gel Sheet. Putting direct pressure on the scars will diminish skin elevation.
2. Increased pressure, hydration, oxygen tension provides optimal environment for scars to heal.
3. Silicone gel sheets produce a static electric field that might have an effect on wound healing.

A hard and bumpy scar becomes soft and smooth, and change the skin tone from dark brown to lighter red in about a month of Scar Clinic" treatment. You will see the results within 3-6 days of the treatment for children or a relatively new scar. Scar Clinic" closes the scar area to steadily maintain the moisture that acts on the skin to control an abnormal growth of collagen and normalize the tissue arrangement, thereby soften and flatten a hard and bumpy surface of the scar.

What Is Scar Clinic™ and Why Use Scar Clinic™Silicone Gel Sheets?
The word "Scar Clinic™" is formulated from the two words "Scar" and "Clinic", which means to effectively treat scars. When the skin is damaged, the skin collagens lead to abnormal growth and leave colored & discolored bumpy surface. The Scar ClinicTM acts on the scar to restore the flexibility, smooth and undamaged skin surface.

The Scar Clinic™ is silicone gel sheet, a semisolid mixture of silicon, which has been widely used to treat scars of millions of patients over a decade.

Scar Clinic™ Quality
Scar Clinic™ Silicone Gel Sheets are approved by the FDA, the KFDA, SFDA, are manufactured according to GMP standards in an ISO13485 manufacturing facility and carry the CE mark.

Benefits of Scar Clinic™
- Restores the elasticity of skin.
- Easy application on any region.
- No pain or discomforts related.
- Reduces itching sensation.
- Freely wear clothes.
- Contains 100% Polysioxane
-The integrity of silicone gel maintained for a long time.