Skin Care

Laser treatments, such as a fractional Co2 laser, are very effective for reducing facial wrinkles, scars and pigmentation. Following a facial laser treatment, your skin will be very sensitive and needs to be protected during healing; make-up cannot be worn immediately following a facial laser treatment as it can clog pores and slow the healing process.

Oxygenetix solves the problem of protecting skin during healing, Oxygenetix also speeds the recovery process and is a concealer. You no longer need to walk out of a doctors office with unprotected, sensitive skin following a laser treatment.

Oxygenetix is breathable foundation applied to post treatment sensitive skin, it is applied immediately after Co2 laser treatments, skin resurfacing, dermabrasion and scar revision. Oxygenetix calms and protects the skin while ‘camouflaging’ and concealing red and sensitive skin. Oxygenetix is fully breathable, 100% certified organic and contains SPF for protection.

Oxygenetix uses Ceravitae to facilitate oxygen uptake to the skin for faster healing after a treatment, the full oxygen transfer stimulates connective tissue reconstruction and allows Oxygenetix to be applied immediately after a procedure and at any time during and after healing.

Oxygenetix protects your skin with SPF and a natural Aloe Gel base that is anti-bacterial