Post Laser Treatment

Oxygenetix Foundation

Style: OXYFoundation

Oxygenetix is a camouflaging foundation that is applied immediately post treatment to sensitive skin to calm and protect the skin while facilitating recovery and healing. Oxygenetix is applied immediately following procedures such as CO2 lasers, skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion and scar revision.

Oxygenetix is great skin care that just happens to be a camouflaging foundation- it is made from a Natural Aloe Barbadensis Gel base for protecting, soothing and healing the skin.

Scar Clinic Thin

Style: SCT

Self- Adhesive Semi Occlusive Silicone Gel Dressing for Keloids & Hypertrophic Scars. Scar Clinic™- Thin is 0.45mm thick, has UV protection, is Waterproof, easy to apply and reusable with outstanding hydration effect and provides best results for closed wound.

• Ideal for post laser treatments as mole removal.
• Does not require extra fixation as pressure garments.
• Effectively adhesive for smaller scars.
• Stronger adhesion and more flexibility compared to Scar Clinic-Clear fit better for joints.

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