Polyurethane Foam Cohesive Silicone Gel Breast Implants and Capsular Contracture

Capsular Contracture- the #1 Cause of Reoperation
Capsular contracture is the hardening of tissue around the breast implant; it is the most common reason for re-operation following a breast augmentation or breast augmentation revision. The scar tissue that normally forms around the mammary implant will form a capsule, this capsule may tighten or squeeze the implant resulting in capsular contracture.

Cohesive Silicone Gel used in Breast Implants- Why the Silicone Gel is Important

The brand of breast implant selected by a patient is a crucial decision, a high quality, FDA approved implant helps ensure a patients’ safety and long-term satisfaction with their breast implants. The key components of a breast implant are the silicone gel inside the implant and the implant ‘shell’ that holds the gel. This article outlines why the silicone gel and breast implant shell must be of the highest quality and that Silimed breast implants have been tested by the USA FDA and meet the highest quality standards.

USA FDA Findings from Approval of Silimed Breast Implants

FDA Approval of Mammary Implants Manufactured by Silimed®

On 9 March 2012, the USA FDA approved implants manufactured by Silimed. The PMA is available on the FDA website: (Reference PMA P070004: FDA Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data) is sponsored by Sientra, Inc; Silimed is the manufacturer of the implants. Like other approved mammary implants in the USA, a condition of the approval requires post-approval studies that will asses long-term outcome and risks.

USA FDA PMA Summary & Key Findings:

Silimed Breast Implants gain FDA Approval- Only Tear Drop Shaped Implant with FDA Approval

In March 2012, Silimed manufactured implants received FDA approval under a filing made by the USA distributor of Silimed- Sientra. Silimed has been manufacturing breast implants to the highest quality standards in the world for over 30 years, the FDA approval is one more validation of the quality and safety of the Silimed breast implants.

Furry Brazilian Breast Implants

Furry Brazilian is a nickname for a Polyurethane foam silicone gel breast implant. The nickname was coined in Australia, the most popular Polyurethane implant is made by Silimed in Brazil. Breast implants are made with different textures on the outside, or shell, the "Furry" more than likely comes from the Polyurethane foam coating on the shell of this breast implant- it has a soft almost furry feel to it.

Silimed Quality Statement Regarding PIP Breast Implant Recall

There are patients seeking breast augmentation that have questions about the safety of breast implants following the recall of breast implants manufactured by PIP, Silimed released a quality statement regarding the Silimed breast implants and PIP, the statement can be found below.

Things to Consider Prior to Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is performed to surgically enlarge a woman’s breasts, many times for a woman to gain symmetry in her appearance or after a pregnancy that has changed the shape of her body. While breast augmentation is considered a common surgery, it is a surgery and requires proper thought, consideration and evaluation before having the procedure.

Some of the most implant things to consider prior to surgery: selecting your surgeon, the implant size and shape and the implant location and your recovery from the surgery.

Silimed Breast Implants - The Shape, Size and Safety for Your Breast Augmentation

Alpha Health Asia selected the Silimed range of breast implants as the quality, selection and long history of safety make Silimed the best choice for breast and body implants for the markets in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Introduction to Breast Augmentation - Implant Placement, Incision Site & Technique

There are three primary surgical techniques for breast augmentation- Inframammary, Periareolar and Transaxillary- with the implants being placed either subglandularor or submuscular.

Breast Augmentation Recovery – Post Surgical Healing, Recovery & Care

Each patient will have a different recovery timeframe and experience based on the details of the surgery, please always follow the guidance and advice of your surgeon. We have compiled some general guidelines for the post breast augmentation recovery and care.

General Healing & Recovery

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