Nose Augmentation

Aquamid tại Việt Nam: Giải pháp hiệu quả dành cho nâng mũi không phẫu thuật

Aquamid là chất làm đầy lâu dài phổ biến nhất hiện nay dành cho nâng mũi không phẫu thuật tại Việt Nam. Để có được sự tin cậy và sử dụng rộng rãi như hiện nay là vì Aquamid luôn đem lại sự an toàn và hiệu quả tức thì, không cần phẫu thuật mà vẫn có kết quả kéo dài tới 5 năm.







Aquamid的使用量可根据您的需要而决定。隆鼻程度越大,使用量越多, 以达致理想的鼻部对称

* 不需重复注射:Aquamid功效持久; 而其它填充物很多只能维持不超过12个月。
* 立即、可预见的效果:注射后看到的结果,就是其成果。
* 自然的容貌和柔软的感觉:Aquamid柔软及透明,且无微粒。

* 可调整填充量:可调整注射量,以让增高或矫正的成果看起来自然。

What is an Asian Rhinoplasty and an Asian Nose Job?

Asian Rhinoplasty or an “Asian Nose Job” is a general term for the nose augmentation technique used on Asian patients. There are a number of different methods of performing an Asian Nose Job, they include using an injectable filler for a non-surgical rhinoplasty and using a silicone nasal implant for a surgical rhinoplasty.

Silicone Nasal Implants for Nose Augmentation

Silicone nasal implants are widely used for surgical nose augmentation or reconstruction, also called rhinoplasty. The silicone nose implant is surgically implanted just over the nasal framework to raise the height of the nasal bridge and add definition to the nasal tip area.

There are many different sizes of silicone nasal implants, the size used for the nose augmentation is determined by the length and width of the patients nose. The are different shapes for nasal implants, the most common shape for silicone nasal implants is the L-shape, with an I-shape nasal implant also available.

Aquamid Filler for Nose Bridge Augmentation

Aquamid is the leading long lasting filler for nose augmentation in the ASEAN region and is widely used in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia for non-surgical rhinoplasty. Aquamid is the ideal filler for shaping the nose bridge- contour, width and height can be added to the nose bridge base and projection can be added along the nose bridge.

Aquamid provides long lasting results, clinical studies show results lasting five years; results are seen immediately and the amount injected is the “final” result. Recovery time is brief with minimal bruising or swelling and no major bandaging.

Nose Augmentation

Aquamid is the leading long lasting filler used for non-surgical rhinoplasty, also called nose augmentation or a nose job, that provides immediate results with no surgery and minimal bruising, swelling and recovery time.

Aquamid can be used for:

  • Development of the Nose Bridge: develop the base of the nose and increase projection along the nose bridge
  • Correction of Saddle Nose: inject around “saddle” in the nose to balance nose bridge
  • Nasal Bridge Augmentation: increase projection of nose bridge to increase overall profile of the nose

Aquamid- Different from Hyaluronic Acid other Long Lasting Fillers

Aquamid provides a superior option to hyaluronic acid and collagen fillers for long term correction yet does not contain the small particles used by other long lasting (sometimes called permanent) fillers and attributed to issues with a filler hardening or fibrosis occurring.

Hyaluronic acid or collagens provide results that usually last for 2 to up to 12 months; maintaining the result will require additional injections. Since Aquamid is not absorbed into the body and does not degrade, Aquamid offers a superior solution without numerous injections.

Aquamid- Over 400,000 Injections with High Long Term Satisfaction Rate

Aquamid is proven and safe with a high long-term satisfaction rate. Aquamid has been injected over 400,000 times throughout the world with the efficacy and safety of Aquamid being documented in several clinical trials involving more than 5,000 patients.

Users are satisfied with Aquamid. Aquamid has a track record of high levels of patient satisfaction based on seven years of experience. In a long term clinical trail of Aquamid, over 90% of patients were either very satisfied or satisfied when questioned during follow up interviews at 1-year, 2-year and 4-years.

Are Permanent Fillers Safe? Is Aquamid a Permanent Filler? Is Aquamid Safe?

Aquamid is not a permanent filler, clinical trials have shown Aquamid to last for up to 5 years while usage has shown Aquamid lasting for longer than 5 years. Aquamid is long lasting, you will not need to return for frequent re-injections to maintain your desired look, but the results from Aquamid are not permanent.

How are Long Lasting Fillers different from Hyaluronic Acid and Short Term Fillers?

Dermal fillers- also known as injectable fillers- can be used to rejuvenate and contour the face, including correction of lines and wrinkles, scars or depressions, plumping and augmentation of the lips, cheek contouring and enhancement of the nose, jaw line and chin. There are a number of different types and brands of fillers, treatment using any filler should always be carried out by a qualified medical professional.

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