A Solution for Binding and Wrapping the Abdomen following Cesarean Section Delivery

An article detailing the reason and benefits of using a post partum support garment appeared in the newspaper.

The article highlights the experiences of Ameena, a mother of two. Her first child was born via natural birth, her second child was delivered via cesarean section; her recovery experience was much different following the delivery via c-section.

Silicone Scar Sheets for Use on Cesarean Section Scars

Silicone scar sheets have become the leading choice for preventing and reducing Cesarean Section scars. Silicone scar sheets are effective, easy to use and can be used on new or existing scars. Silicone scar sheets have been show to be effective in shrinking, flattening and fading cesarean scars and have numerous advantages over other cesarean scar reduction products.


Pemakaian bengkung dalam komuniti Melayu bagi ipara ibu selepas bersalin telah bermula sejak turun-temurun. Ilmu penjagaan selepas bersalin dan berpantang diperolehi daripada individu yang dikenali sebagai Mak Bidan.

Questions and Answers about Cesarean Support Garments with a Garment Fit Expert

There are many benefits to wearing a Cesarean Support Garment after your child is born- from supporting and stabilizing the Cesarean incision site to reducing the feeling of a ‘loose’ abdominal area. We found many new mothers (or soon to be new mothers) ask the same questions about the ideal garment style for them, garment wear and sizing and even the body contouring benefits of the garment.

Why You Need Abdominal and Spine Support after Delivery by Dr. Zalina bt Salleh

Why you need abdominal and spine support after delivery
By Dr. Zalina bt Salleh, MD (UKM), MOG (UKM), Consultant Obstetrician and Gynoecologist

Given the dramatic changes a woman’s body endures throughout her pregnancy and the potential trauma inflicted by either caesarean or vaginal birth, a woman could greatly benefit from the additional support provided by a postpartum support garment.

Debunking the Myths of Postpartum Compression and Shapewear

Debunking the Myths of Postpartum Compression and Shapewear
By Jeanette Andrews
Dated: Sep 01, 2009

Postpartum compression and shapewear companies may exaggerate product claims.

Compression apparel has exploded into the marketplace. Its arrival has spurred debate and controversy by diverse groups. Runners claim compression clothing makes them faster with less time needed for recovery. Fashion enthusiasts tout compression products as the answer to dieting. The latest group targeted by compression garment and shapewear manufacturers is new mothers.

Cesarean Support Garment- Stories from New Mothers that have Worn the Garments

The Alpha Health Asia office in Malaysia has found many happy mothers that have worn the Design Veronique Cesarean Support garment after the birth of their baby. Alpha Health Asia Malaysia is fortunate to have an experienced ‘garment fitter’ on staff that has helped many of these new mothers find the ideal garment and ideal garment size. We have found the post-cesarean support garment has improved the comfort of the new mother while allowing her to recover quickly after the delivery and care for the new baby in great comfort.

Maternity & Cesarean Support Garments

The birth of a child is a joyous event, but your body has undergone significant stress and change during a vaginal or Cesarean section delivery; your body needs support while healing. Proper support for the post partum body cannot be delivered by a general support garment, the body needs a use specific post partum support garment can provide you with the support and stabilization of the abdominal region and incision site to aid with comfort and incision healing.

The Post Partum Cesarean Section Support Garment- Necessary Features for Proper Healing

What Makes a Proper Cesarean section Support Garment?

Stabilization of the Cesarean section incision site and surrounding tissues is critical for aiding and facilitating healing of the incision, for the quality of the scar and for comfort during healing. A properly designed post partum support garment will provide the features required for the stabilization and support you need.

The following garment features are essential for aiding healing:

Recovery and Healing after Child Birth & Support Products

The birth of a child is a joyous event. It is also one of the most dramatic physical transformations to the human body. The recovery is a gradual healing and transformation, your body spent 9 months growing, changing and caring for your baby and will take time to heal and recover from the birth process and time spent carrying the baby.

The recovery process is not simply about healing, the mother is undergoing the physical recovery as she fulfilling the needs and providing care to the newborn baby; the person healing is a caregiver.

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