Post Partum Healing While Caring for Your New Baby

Pregnancy and the birth of the child is a joyous time and a time filled with major changes- to your body and your daily routines. Regardless of the delivery type, your body has undergone a massive transformation and must have time and support to heal properly. But how can the healing be accomplished while you are acting as the primary care giver for your new baby? When you come home from the hospital, your child will need your attention and care, you are not able to rest and recovery uninterrupted.

What is the Difference in a Proper Post Partum Cesarean Section Garment and Shapewear?

Alpha Health Asia only represents and sells post partum support garments specifically designed and manufactured for post partum wear, these garments are very different from the shapewear found in retail stores. Our Cesarean section support garment is uniquely designed to meet the needs of someone that had a Cesarean section by a design that delivers targeted support at and around the incision while being comfortable.

Why Does Your Post Partum Abdomen Feel "Loose"?

Your body spent 9 months changing to accommodate the growing fetus, in the last trimester your abdomen was in a completely altered state, both stretched and expanded. How much was your abdomen altered? The rectus abdominus muscles can be stretched and altered by as much as 50 percent from their pre-pregnancy state.

Cesarean Section Incision Healing - The Importance of a Post Partum Support Garment

The birth of a child is a joyous event, but your body has undergone a major surgery and needs assistance in healing. With all that is happening in your post partum life- the physical demands of caring for your baby, interrupted sleep patterns and learning new daily routines- it is challenging to let your body rest, recover and heal properly from the cesarean surgery.

Can a postpartum girdle really help get you back into shape after giving birth?

Sunday, July 4, 2010
This article was authored by Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar under the WOMEN'S WORLD section for The Star, the full article:

I HAVE to start out by saying that I have never used a postpartum girdle, but I am beginning to wish that I had. In my time, I used the bengkung (traditional Malaysian postpartum belly wraps) consisting of a piece of cloth about 12 feet long that was wound tightly round my body from below my bust to the hips. After five children ... don’t ask me how I survived.

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