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New Mother Recommends Cesarean Support Garment & Fitting Service
February 26, 2013: Authored by: Alpha Health As...

I am delighted to use the Post Maternity Support Garment I bought from Alpha Health after my confinement period. My only regret was, not having to know about it sooner and to use the garment almost immediately after my Caesarean. It would help so much to reduce the pain and to help me to enjoy breastfeeding. Nonetheless, the second stage garment is still as good as it helps to compress the abdomen and to offer support. I feel less friction between the skin and clothing.

Multiple Cesarean Delivery Mother Calls Cesarean Support Girdle a “C-Sec Mummy Miracle”
February 8, 2013: Authored by: Alpha Health As...

I have four kids and unfortunately all my four delivery was a Cesarean. The next day after my C-Sec, I forced my self to walk to the washroom as I wanted to be discharged from the hospital early but the pain was unbearable. I would cry for the first 1 week every time I make an attempt to visit the washroom. I was devastated that I can't move easily and my back will hurt whenever I sit too long to breastfeed my baby, as I couldn't lie down to feed the baby.

Malaysian Nurse uses C Section Garment following Child Birth, Recommends Garment
February 1, 2013: Authored by: Alpha Health As...



Malaysian Mothers Share Their Experience Using the Design Veronique Support Garments after Their Delivery
December 26, 2012: Authored by: Alpha Health As...


Age of Mother: 28 years old
Delivery Date: 31 July 2009
Location: Malaysia

I wasn’t prepared for caesarean pain during my second delivery since my first was delivered naturally. The doctor and nurses encouraged me to start moving and be on my feet once the anesthesia is out from my body system. They told me that it will fasten the process of recovery. Gosh! It was so painful just to bring myself up to a sitting position. I felt as though the stitches would open up every time I moved.