Multiple Cesarean Delivery Mother Calls Cesarean Support Girdle a “C-Sec Mummy Miracle”

February 8, 2013: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

I have four kids and unfortunately all my four delivery was a Cesarean. The next day after my C-Sec, I forced my self to walk to the washroom as I wanted to be discharged from the hospital early but the pain was unbearable. I would cry for the first 1 week every time I make an attempt to visit the washroom. I was devastated that I can't move easily and my back will hurt whenever I sit too long to breastfeed my baby, as I couldn't lie down to feed the baby. Being an Indian lady, relatives usually expect us to start moving or doing simple house chores as soon as after 1-2 weeks of delivery, and to add on my worries, I couldn't take looking at my flabby stomach hanging and not able to find a suitable undergarment as everything was so uncomfortable especially when you are in tremendous pain.

The following week, my friend recommended Design Veronique Cesarean Support Girdle and the moment I tried it on, I was astonished and immediately purchased it as I felt so good the moment i put it on. This girdle was so easy to put on as it slides easily following my body curves and it holds my flabby stomach in place so the wound dries easily and heals fast. It was like magic for me as I could walk faster, bend to pick up stuff without much pain and the best things was to breastfeed my baby in a lying position, it was so comfortable especially during the night. My husband was also surprise to see me walking and doing house chores with the baby in my arm. After few days, I washed it and while leaving it to dry, I was back to my old self as i couldn't breastfeed in a lying position and it was very painful again but the Girdle dries very quickly after each hand wash.

I don't feel confident without wearing it and I am indeed very lucky as Design Veronique Cesarean Support Girdle was introduced to me on a right time and I will want to share this *C-Sec Mummy Miracle* with my family and friends as every women will have challenges in reducing their belly after a C-Sec compare to a normal vaginal birth.

Now I can't live without the Support of this Girdle! Thank you Design Veronique!

Age 34
Petaling Jaya